25 Braided Prom Hairstyles


Nowadays, you can’t even reach middle school before you hear about prom! It’s a super important checkpoint in every teenager’s life—everyone knows what prom is long before you ever even get there. For those who don’t know, the prom, or promenade, dance is a formal school dance event that’s held every year for a high school’s final year students. Prom requires everyone to dress formally. This means that ladies must come dawned in stunning evening gowns with their makeup and hair done ever so daintily.

To flaunt a look that suits the event, the proper choice of a hairstyle is vital. Prom is an event that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life so let’s make sure every detail is perfect. Braided hairstyles are spectacular choices for prom and there are a wide range of gorgeous styles to pick from. Looking for some ideas for your big night? You’ll find plenty of inspiration below.

1. Waterfall Braids for Prom

Waterfall Braids for Prom

True to its name, this style looks like your hair is cascading down your back in streams. Waterfall braids are made by braiding the hair diagonally as a French braid across the back of the head, then pulling strands of loose hair vertically down through the braid and leaving the hair to fall like a waterfall. In most cases, the rest of the hair is curled to give a loose or body wave effect. Waterfall braids are easy and don’t take long to achieve. However, they’re made to last only a short period of time.

2. Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Prom Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Braided Prom Hairstyles

This half-up, half-down braided hairstyle for prom is quite similar to the waterfall braids: they’re both divided into two parts, they both have the front hair plaited, and neither of them take much time to make. The difference between the styles are that the half-up, half-down doesn’t have to be plaited as French braids and that this style also has the top part braided down.

3. Bubble Braid Prom Hair

Bubble Braid Prom Hair

Bubble braids are braids that are made to look like bubbles—how cute! The hair is loosely braided then pulled out a bit to give it a puffy look. Bubble braids are gaining more popularity these days as they can be styled in a lot of different ways. They aren’t too complicated to create and they don’t take up a lot of time either. Bubble braids used during prom aren’t made for long-term wear.

4. Ponytail Braid for Prom

Ponytail Braid for Prom

Ponytails are super classy and neat hairstyles that can be rocked in so many different braid designs and shapes. They can be made as high ponytails that sit at the top of your head or low ponytails that rest at the nape of your neck. A hair hold or gel can be used to hold the front and back hair in place for a super clean look, depending on the individual’s choice. The ponytails with hair holds or gels last longer than the ones without since the hold helps to keep the hair in place.

5. Updo With Braids for Prom

Updo With Braids for Prom

Updo hairstyles are the ones that don’t feature the hair falling to the face or back—all of it is secured up and out of the way. Updo hairstyles with braids have the hair braided and secured to the top or the back of the head. These styles offer a lot of comfort and are suitable for ladies that don’t really like their hair touching their back. Updos are easy to put together using different styling techniques such as making buns or knots.

6. Pretty Braided Hairstyles for Prom

Pretty Braided Hairstyles for Prom

The right beautiful hairstyle will make you look jaw-dropping and turn heads as you walk past. The braids at the top half of the hair and the voluminous curls add such a majestic quality to the hairstyle and make it look absolutely enchanting. Most pretty braided hairstyles are relatively easy to do yet not feasible if you need a style that’ll last you more than a day or two.

7. Side Braids Prom Hairstyle

Side Braids Prom Hairstyle

Side braids are styled in such a way that the hair is packed all to one side of the head and braided on that one side. Side braids are very alluring and unique but may feel uncomfortable for some ladies since there’s much more weight on the side of the head to which the hair is braided. It’s a wonderful hairstyle regardless and quick to do.

8. Fishtail Braids for Prom

Fishtail Braids for Prom

Fishtail braids are braids that are made using two strands of hair instead of the usual three strand technique that you’ll see in regular braids. Fishtail braids can be complicated to make for beginners and require a considerable amount of practice to be able to pull off a perfect braid. These braids can be made either tight or loose depending on the look you want to achieve.

9. Box Braids for Prom

Box Braids for Prom

Box braids are a common braid style of African origin. This particular style requires extensions that are braided with the hair. Box braids require expertise to make them neat and tidy. They take several hours to make so be prepared to sit in the salon for a while—more or less time depending on how thick and long your braids are. Box braids last for several weeks and can be styled in a variety of ways even after prom is over.

10. French Braids for Prom

French Braids for Prom

French braids are braided hairstyles that have the hair plaited using the three strand technique. The braids are weaved, either straight back or in a pattern, from the front of the head to the nape of the neck. French braids look really sharp and fancy.

11. Side French Braids for Prom

Side French Braids for Prom

French braids can also be styled to the side to give it an extra classy look. This might feel a bit uncomfortable though as there will be extra weight on the side of the head where the hair is braided.

12. Braids and Curls Prom Hairstyles

Braids and Curls Prom Hairstyles

The braids and curls hairstyle has been gaining popularity recently. This style is created by braiding the front part of the hair and having curly extensions at the back. The curly extensions can either be sewn in or installed as a crochet. Braids and curls take a couple of hours to make perfectly and last for several weeks.

13. Fishtail Braids Ponytail for Prom

Fishtail Braids Ponytail for Prom

Fishtail braid is a way to spice up your braided ponytail and make it look unique. Making your ponytail as a fish braid gives a very sophisticated look that’s perfect for prom night. This ponytail doesn’t take much time to make yet it does require the skills of a hairstylist.

14. Prom Braid Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Prom Braid Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Natural hair—in all its glory—can be rocked for prom without adding extra extensions. Natural hair styles are a great choice for you if you have healthy, luscious hair. Most of these styles don’t take very long to make. The hair can be braided as an updo or into a half-braids, half-curls style. Natural braids are quick protective hairstyles that can be made at home without the help of a professional.

15. Braided Messy Hairstyle for Prom

Braided Messy Hairstyle for Prom

Messy braided hairstyles are really trendy right now. They look fashionable despite being messy and don’t require too much effort. Best of all, messy braids cannot be duplicated as they aren’t made in a regular pattern. They’re easy to make and can be whipped up in no time.

16. Braided Updo With Pearls for Prom

Braided Updo With Pearls for Prom

Pearl accessories are a lovely addition to braided updo hairstyles. Hair accessories add a touch of elegance to hairstyles, making them look even more divine.

17. Top Bun With Braids for Prom

Top Bun With Braids for Prom

Add some flavor to your top bun hairstyle for prom by braiding some parts of the hair up. This style is extraordinary and gives an extra sprinkle of magic to the style compared to plain bun hairstyles. This might take a little more time than the regular top bun but rest assured it’s worth the extra time.

18. Braided Bun Prom Hairstyles

Braided Bun Prom Hairstyles

The braided bun is achieved by securing the hair into a high ponytail, braiding the ends of the hair and wrapping it around to form a bun. This is a quick and easy hairstyle for ladies who like to keep it simple and chic.

19. Side Braids Updo for Prom

Side Braids Updo for Prom

The side braids updo is an updo style that has the side braided. This style of updo is not as easy as a regular updo which has the hair just packed to the back in a basic style. The way the braids flow to one side really makes the updo look charming.

20. Flower Braids for Prom

Flower Braids for Prom

Flower braids are braids that are styled in a way that make the hair look like intricate flowers. This is one for the professionals as flower braids aren’t easy to achieve and require expertise and consistent practice. It takes longer to make flower braids than regular hairstyles, however it’s well worth it to get this wonderfully floral hairstyle.

21. Flower Braids Updo for Prom

Flower Braids Updo for Prom

Flower braids updo is an updo hairstyle made to look like a flower. The hair is secured to the back by making a loose braided ponytail, then wrapping and styling it in a flower shape. Flower braids aren’t as easy to create as regular braids but they look delightfully dainty when made perfectly.

22. Side Braids Ponytail for Prom

Side Braids Ponytail for Prom

Want to make a ponytail hairstyle that is different from the regular plain ponytails? Add a braid to the side and watch your ponytail transform from basic to decorative.

23. Crown Braids for Prom

Crown Braids for Prom

Crown braids are also known as halo braids and they are French braids made around the head in the form of a crown. Crown braids are minimal hairstyles and very easy to make. This is another great hairstyle that’s perfect for embellishing with flowers, pearls, and gems.

24. Bubble Braids Ponytail for Prom

Bubble Braids Ponytail for Prom

This is one for our fashionistas who like to show up chic and stylish. Bubble braids are gaining lots of popularity these days. A classy way to style bubble braids is by making it as a ponytail. This kind of braid looks more complicated and time-consuming than it actually is. It can easily be made and styled yourself if you don’t have a stylist on-hand.

25. Black Girl Braided Top Bun for Prom

Black Girl Braided Top Bun for Prom

The Black girl braided top bun is a bomb hairstyle for Black girls that is achieved by first making the hair into a high ponytail, then braiding the hair and wrapping it around to form a bun. The rest of the hair is mostly slicked down using gel to hold it firm and make it last longer.


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