18 Alicia Keys’ Braided Hairstyles


Alicia Keys is known for her unique style and her amazing music. But did you know that she is also known for her incredibly beautiful braids hairstyles? You can usually spot Alicia Keys wearing braided ponytails as they are one of her signature hairstyles. It is not uncommon to see her wearing these hairstyles during events and formal occasions.

In this blog post, we will be looking at 18 of the best Alicia Keys braids hairstyles. We will also give you some tips on how to create these stunning looks yourself. So, whether you are a fan of Alicia Keys or just looking for some new and exciting braid hairstyle ideas, this post is for you.

1. Alicia Keys 2 Braids 

Alicia Keys 2 Braids

Alicia Keys 2 braids style is a versatile and stylish way to wear your hair. This particular style is a braided ponytail style that is braided with two parts, creating a chic and sophisticated look. 2 braids styles are easy and quick to make and do not necessarily require a hairstylist or going to the salon. If you’re looking for a versatile look to wear your hair, this style is definitely for you.

2. Alicia Keys Braided Ponytail 

Alicia Keys Braided Ponytail

The Braided Ponytail hairstyle is one of the most popular styles rocked by many American celebrities, including Alicia Keys. The hair is packed into a high or low ponytail and then the hair is braided. This style is beautiful and can perfectly highlight your face while keeping hair out of your face.

3. Alicia Keys Box Braids 

Alicia Keys Box Braids

The box braids hairstyle is one of Alicia Keys’ signature hairstyles. Box braids are popular protective hairstyles that involve braiding the hair into individual braids. Box braids can be made in short to long lengths and small to jumbo sizes.

4. Alicia Keys Half Braids

Alicia Keys Half Braids

Half braids are a beautiful and sophisticated braided hairstyle. To create half braids, start by braiding the front of your hair into cornrows. Then, weave in some extensions at the back to create a fuller look. Half braids are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

5. Alicia Keys Side Braids 

Alicia Keys Side Braids

Alicia Keys is known for her many stunning hairstyles, but one of our favorites is wearing side braids. Also known as lemonade braids, this style got popular after Beyonce rocked them in her visual album Lemonade. Lemonade braids are made by plaiting all the hair to just one side of the head and can be made in small to jumbo sizes. Why do we love this style? Aside from being a beautiful and unique look, side braids are also super versatile. You can wear them sleek and straight or add some waves for a more boho vibe. They’re also perfect for summertime, when you want to keep your hair out of your face but don’t want to wear a ponytail or bun.

6. Alicia Keys Tribal Braids 

Alicia Keys Tribal Braids

Alicia Keys often wears tribal braids, which is a braid style that has the front plaited as cornrows and the back as box braids. This style is usually paired with beads, which can really add some extra glamour to the look. Tribal braids are one of the most beautiful braided hairstyles around, and they’re popular amongst celebrities and everyday women alike. If you’re looking for a stunning new braided hairstyle, tribal braids may be just what you’re looking for.

7. Alicia Keys With Cornrows 

Alicia Keys With Cornrows

Alicia Keys is known for her love of jumbo cornrows. These simple, easy to make and quick protective styles are perfect for the busy woman on the go. Alicia has rocked cornrow styles like straight backs, Pop Smoke braids and even tribal braids. Tribal braids are a great style for any occasion and they suit most facial features. If you’re looking to add a little edge to your style, give cornrows a try.

8. Alicia Keys Braids With Beads

Alicia Keys Braids With Beads

Alicia Keys showed off this stunning hairstyle on her Instagram – braids with beads. The style is perfect for summer, and it’s easy to achieve. Beads add a touch of elegance and daintiness to braids, making them stand out more. They are available in different types, sizes, and colors, so you can choose the ones that best match your style. We recommend this style for special occasions or events when you want to stand out from the crowd.

9. Alicia Keys Straight Back Braids

Alicia Keys Straight Back Braids

Straight back braids are protective cornrow styles that are braided from the front of the head to the back, close to the nape of the neck in a perfectly straight order. It’s one of the easiest cornrow styles. Straight backs can be made into small, medium and jumbo sizes, and Alicia Keys usually has hers made into the jumbo size.

10. Alicia Keys Bantu Knots 

Alicia Keys Bantu Knots

Bantu knots is an easy yet stylish braided hairstyle that is achieved by parting the hair into big sizes and wrapping it into individual knots. A number of celebrities have been seen wearing Bantu knots over the years. When wearing this hairstyle, it is important not to twist your Bantu knot too tightly as this can cause damage to your hair.

11. Alicia Keys Meta Braids 

Alicia Keys Meta Braids

Alicia Keys’ Meta Braids hairstyle is a sleek and chic upgrade to her signature braided ponytail hairstyle. Small braids are intertwined into a large braided ponytail, creating a sophisticated and elegant look. This hairstyle was worn by Alicia Keys to celebrate her album Keys at her music performance in Los Angeles on December 17, 2021.

12. Alicia Keys Twist Hairstyle 

Alicia Keys Twist Hairstyle

Alicia Keys is known for her love for braids, and it’s clear to see why with this stunning twist hairstyle. Her hair is styled into jumbo loose twists, which perfectly complement her beautiful face. The twists are made by dividing the parted hair and intertwining them with each other.

13. Alicia Keys Braided Ponytail With Pearls

Alicia Keys Braided Ponytail With Pearls 1

Alicia Keys sometimes embellishes her braided ponytail style with pearls to spice up the look and make it look glamorous. First, the hair is braided into a ponytail, and then each pearl is attached individually. Depending on your preference, you can use different quantities and sizes of pearls.

14. Alicia Keys Braided Updo

Alicia Keys Braided Updo

Updo hairstyles are a favorite of Alicia Keys, as she wears them for just about every event. Braided updo styles are updo styles that are secured at the top or back of the head with braids. They provide you comfort as they keep hair out of your face while keeping it tangle-free.

15. Alicia Keys Bubble Braid Ponytail

Alicia Keys Bubble Braid Ponytail

Alicia Keys is known for wearing ponytails. Whenever she does it, she makes sure to add some creativity to it, making it different each time. For example, to create a bubble braid ponytail, pack your hair into a ponytail and tie with hair bands from top to bottom leaving a good amount of space between each band. The space between each band should then be loosened up from top to bottom to give the ponytail it’s bubble shape.

16. Alicia Keys Jumbo Braids 

Alicia Keys Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids are braids that are made to be very big and thick.

Jumbo braids because of their big size do not take too many hours which makes them the choice of many ladies and celebrities like Alicia Keys. Jumbo braids make you look stunning without too much effort.

Jumbo braids are large, thick braids that take less time to create than traditional braids. This makes them a popular choice for busy women who want to look their best without spending hours in the hair salon. Keys’ jumbo braids are elegant and stylish, and they add a touch of glamour to any outfit. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some personality to your style, consider trying one of Alicia Keys’ jumbo braided hairstyles.

17. Alicia Keys Crown Braids 

Alicia Keys Crown Braids

We totally love the crown braids Alicia Keys wore for this a makeup brand photoshoot. Crown braids, also known as halo braids, are French braids made in the shape of a crown around the head. Crown braids are perfect for a special occasion, and they’re surprisingly simple to create. 

18. Alicia Keys Braided Bun

Alicia Keys Braided Bun

There is no doubt that braided buns make Alicia Keys’ hair look sleek. This hairstyle is perfect for an everyday look, or for a special occasion. In addition to being stylish and convenient, buns keep your hair out of your face and keep it from falling. 


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