20 Beyoncé Braids Hairstyles


Beyoncé has always been known for her iconic hairstyles. From her early days as a Destiny’s Child member to her current status as a global superstar, she has always kept us guessing about what she’ll do next with her hair. She’s most famous for her ability to rock any braid style perfectly. There are many braid hairstyles out there and Beyoncé has flawlessly slayed most all of them. Beyoncé has had her hair braided in dozens of different ways, with her signature blonde hair color being the most prominent. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of Beyoncé’s most stylish braided hairstyles. We’ll also show you how to achieve these looks on your own, so you can look just like the Queen B herself. Let’s get started!

1. Beyoncé With Box Braids

Beyonce With Box Braids

Beyonce box braids are just regular box braids made in her signature blonde color. Beyonce is an enthusiast of long braided hairstyles so you’ll almost always spot her braids in long lengths.

2. Beyoncé Lemonade Braids

Beyonce Lemonade Braids 1

This style of braids is a trend set by Beyoncé herself! The lemonade braids got its name and became popular after Beyoncé wore the side-braided hairstyle for her visual album, Lemonade. Lemonade braids are created by braiding all the hair to one side of the head and adding a second layer of individual braids underneath to achieve more volume.

3. Beyoncé Ponytail

Beyonce Ponytail

Notice how this blonde braided ponytail perfectly highlights Beyonce’s beautiful facial features. Beyoncé usually has her braided ponytails made in long lengths.

4. Beyoncé Knotless Braids

Beyonce Knotless Braids

You can style your hair into Beyoncé knotless braids by using her signature blonde colored braiding hair and making the braids in small sizes. Beyoncé knotless braids are very popular and you don’t have to explain them to your stylist—she’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

5. Beyoncé Cornrows

Beyonce Cornrows

Straight backs can be considered as Beyoncé’s most preferred cornrow style and as usual, they’re always made in very long lengths. Make sure to lay your baby hairs down with gel to pull off this look perfectly.

6. Beyoncé Micro Braids

Beyonce Micro Braids

This micro braids style was rocked by Beyoncé back in the day. This style consists of tiny box braids with loose ends packed into a ponytail.

7. Beyoncé Blonde Braids

Beyonce Blonde Braids

You can be sure that you’ll commonly spot Beyoncé wearing her braids in blonde color as it’s her signature hair color. The blonde flawlessly compliments her beautiful caramel skin color. The blonde also looks fantastic against light or dark skin tones, so no matter what your skin type is you can comfortably wear Beyoncé’s signature blonde braids.

8. Beyoncé Fulani Braids

Beyonce Fulani Braids

Beyoncé wore these tasteful Fulani braids with this unique design for the music video of one of her trendy songs, Already. A lot of ladies have since then made their Fulani braids in this way.

9. Beyoncé Jumbo Braids

Beyonce Jumbo Braids

Everyone loves an attractive braided hairstyle that won’t have you sitting for too long, and so does our Queen B! Hence we have this lovely triangle-part jumbo braids style.

10. Beyoncé Braids With Beads

Beyonce Braids With Beads

Beads are gorgeous accessories to embellish your hair. Beyoncé made her tribal braids with bangs look even more beautiful by adding a mixture of silver and gold beads. Check out these tribal braids hairstyles for more inspiration like this.

11. Tree Braids Beyoncé

Tree Braids Beyonce

Tree braids, or invisible braids, are braids that are done really tiny just at the roots so that you can’t tell they’re braids unless you look closely at the wearer. Beyoncé has also had her signature blonde braids in this style.

12. Beyoncé Braids Ivy Park

Beyonce Braids Ivy Park

Ivy Park is a clothing line owned by Beyoncé and she had her braids decorated with beads reading “Ivy Park” for one of her promotional photo shoots.

13. Beyoncé Updo Hairstyles

Beyonce Updo Hairstyles

This sleek braided updo on Beyoncé is very easy to make. Just style your hair into a ponytail, leaving a few strands out, and wrap the ponytail into a bun. The strands are then braided together into a single braid and wrapped around the base of the bun.

14. Beyoncé Braids Bun

Beyonce Braids Bun

You can also wear your box braids in a comfortable way for a casual outing by styling them into a bun. You can easily do this yourself by first packing your hair into a ponytail and securing with a hair band before wrapping into a bun. The bun can be secured in place with elastic bands and/or pins.

15. Beyoncé Halo Crown

Beyonce Halo Crown

Spot Beyoncé effortlessly looking like royalty in this beautiful crown braid. To achieve this Beyoncé crown braids style, just braid two tight Dutch braids and wrap them around your head in such a way that one crosses over the other.

16. Beyoncé Long Braid Ponytail

Beyonce Long Braid Ponytail

Beyoncé rocked this super long middle part braided ponytail with curly ends along with a glittery gown to Tyler Perry’s studio opening.

17. Beyoncé Pigtails

Beyonce Pigtails

These long braided pigtails will make you look just as cute as they look on Beyonce. Braided pigtails are very easy to make—so easy that you can make them yourself without your stylist. 

18. Beyoncé Blonde Box Braids

Beyonce Blonde Box Braids

Beyoncé has had her box braids mostly in her signature blonde hair color so it’s very common to see almost all her box braids as blondes.

19. Beyoncé Finger Wave Braids

Beyonce Finger Wave Braids

For the Lion King movie premiere, Beyoncé absolutely stole the scene with this ombré finger wave braid that features small side part cornrows. This hairstyle caught everyone’s attention! Talk about a super stylish superstar.

20. Beyoncé Curly Braids

Beyonce Curly Braids

Beyoncé has curly natural hair and has had her hair styled into different curl patterns so it’s pretty normal to see her wearing some combination of braids and curls.


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