25 Poetic Justice Braids


Poetic Justice braids are another way of referring to box braids. They’re named after Janet Jackson’s famous jumbo braided hairstyle in the iconic 90s movie Poetic Justice. These braids are a protective hairstyle that’s timeless and retro. This style can be worn in different colors, be paired with a lot of different outfits, and be rocked in a variety of ways including in short, medium or extra-long lengths. 

The Poetic Justice braids have a box- or square-like look because of the way the individual hair strands are intertwined. They also commonly feature square parts. Right here in this article, you’ll find inspiration to help you decide what kind of Poetic Justice braids suit your taste.

1. Medium Poetic Justice Braids

Medium Poetic Justice Braids

Medium sized Poetic Justice braids are the perfect option for you if you prefer your braids to  neither be too big nor too small. You can opt for them if you want something versatile that can be styled in different ways.

2. Red Poetic Justice Braids

Red Poetic Justice Braids

You can wear your Poetic Justice braids in any color of your choice. You can definitely opt for red or light burgundy Marley twists if you want a bright and daring color.

3. Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids

Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids

Jumbo Poetic Justice braids come in handy when you want a minimalistic and chic hairstyle. In this style, your hair is put into big braids with large sections. This hairstyle doesn’t take long to install because of the large size of the braids.

4. Poetic Justice Headwrap

Poetic Justice Headwrap

Poetic Justice braids look extra extravagant when you wear them with a headwrap. They’re a perfect quick-fix for a simple picnic, hangout, or a coffee date.

5. Long Poetic Justice Braids

Long Poetic Justice Braids

You can wear your Poetic Justice braids in a wide variety of lengthy styles. From waist length, to hip length, and even knee length—you can rock your Poetic Justice braids as long as you want. Long box braids will have you looking very clean and classy.

6. Bohemian Poetic Justice Braids

Bohemian Poetic Justice Braids

Bohemian Poetic Justice braids are lovely braids that radiate an ethereal aura. This look features curly strands of hair attached to braids or locs. The curls give the braids a voluminous look and they can be made long or short depending on your preference.

7. Poetic Justice Ponytail

Poetic Justice Ponytail

The Poetic Justice ponytail, also known as the ponytail braid, sits pretty on the head while highlighting the graceful features of the face. The hair is smoothly and firmly secured into a ponytail then put into a braided ponytail, and that’s it!

8. Poetic Justice Braids With Beads

Poetic Justice Braids With Beads

Poetic Justice braids with beads are a decorative look to go for when you want additional detail added to your braids or when you have just a few braids but still want to give them a fuller look.

9. Short Poetic Justice Braids

Short Poetic Justice Braids

Short Poetic Justice braids feature box braids that are trimmed to a desired short length and sealed off using fire or elastic bands to prevent them from unravelling. This style is quite weightless and easier to manipulate compared to longer braids.

10. Beyonce Poetic Justice Braids

Beyonce Poetic Justice Braids

Beyonce Poetic Justice braids, also known as lemonade braids, are a very fashionable and elegant cornrow box braid style which became popular after Beyoncé rocked them in videos for her album, Lemonade. It features feed-in cornrows all made to one prefered side of the head and weaved down into short, medium or long box or twist braids.

11. Small Poetic Justice Braids

Small Poetic Justice Braids

Small Poetic Justice braids can be your go-to hairstyle if you want your braids skinny but not skinny enough to be considered micro box braids either. They’re easy to wear, maintain, and style since they’re not bulky.

12. Blonde Poetic Justice Braids

Blonde Poetic Justice Braids

Blonde Poetic Justice braids are essentially blonde colored box braids. You can also opt for blonde braids that transition in color from a darker shade of blonde to a lighter shade of blonde or vice versa.

13. Crochet Poetic Justice Braids

Crochet Poetic Justice Braids

The crocheted variation is an easy way to wear Poetic Justice braids of any length and size without going through the stress of sitting in the salon chair for long hours. This hairstyle is made by putting your natural  hair in individual braids and securing them into the crochet hair extension. Another alternative is putting your hair into cornrows and attaching the crochet extensions into those using a crochet pin.

14. Blue Poetic Justice Braids

Blue Poetic Justice Braids

You can shake up your Poetic Justice braid look with an energetic blue color. There’s literally no restrictions on what colors you can put your braids in, so experiment and have fun with it.

15. Poetic Justice Braid Bob

Poetic Justice Braid Bob

The Poetic Justice braid bob style is a short hairstyle in which the hair is cut straight at any level between just below the jawline and the shoulders. The tips of the braids are burnt or secured with elastic bands to prevent them from coming undone.

16. Poetic Justice Braid Wig

Poetic Justice Braid Wig

If you prefer to have your Poetic Justice braids ready to go whenever you are, you can opt for a braid wig. It affords you the luxury of not needing professional help to give yourself the Poetic Justice braid hairstyle.

17. Poetic Justice Braid Updo

Poetic Justice Braid Updo

A braid updo is a hairstyle in which most of the hair is kept above the neck in folds to keep the hair in place. You can put your Poetic Justice braids in an updo for a simple and flawless look. This style is perfect for formal occasions such as a wedding or your next meeting.

18. Triangle Poetic Justice Braids

Triangle Poetic Justice Braids

Poetic Justice braids aren’t confined to a particular style of hair sectioning. Use your imagination! You can put your hair in box braids with a triangular sectioning pattern, leaving visible triangles of hair on your scalp. The cleanliness of the parts takes this style over the edge so use gel or grease to make them super clean.

19. Poetic Justice Braids for Kids

Poetic Justice Braids for Kids

Poetic Justice braids are a hairstyle your kid can look really pretty in. The box braids can be designed in so many cute ways. They can also be worn with colorful hair bands or beads.

20. Purple Poetic Justice Braids

Purple Poetic Justice Braids

The color purple is one that represents royalty. If you love purple and want to try combining it with Poetic Justice braids, go for it! They’re truly a gorgeous pair to wear.

21. Thin Poetic Justice Braids

Thin Poetic Justice Braids

Micro Poetic Justice braids are braids woven with tiny sections of hair. This hairstyle is loved by many because of its versatility. This is due to the fact that the braids are so small that they can be put into any style you would put your natural hair into. Micro braids take quite a few long hours to install and remove.

22. Ombré Poetic Justice Braids

Ombre Poetic Justice Braids

There are no rules as to which colors you can wear your braids in. You can wear your Poetic Justice braids in any color(s) you want, including ombré colored braids. In essence, ombré Poetic Justice braids refer to box braids whose color gradually fades from a dark shade at the top to a lighter shade at the ends or vice versa.

23. Gray Poetic Justice Braids

Gray Poetic Justice Braids

Just a subtle reminder: you can wear your Poetic Justice braids in any color, shade, or hue you desire—it’s completely up to you. Try out different colors and find out what you like most and what you don’t like very much. If you need an idea for a nice color, try gray braids for a calming neutral color that isn’t black.

24. Poetic Justice Knotless Braids

Poetic Justice Knotless Braids

Knotless Poetic Justice braids are box braids that are done without the traditional knots at the roots of the hair. These knotless braids can be done in any length and color, and look fabulous at any occasion.

25. Poetic Justice Braids With Curls

Poetic Justice Braids With Curls

You can add more charm to your Poetic Justice braids by adding curls to the ends of them. This gives the hair more definition and works great on braids of any length and color.


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