23 Copper Braids Hairstyle Ideas


Copper braids are done with copper-colored natural hair or extensions, typically the hair color number 6.4. Using copper-colored hair extensions for your braids allows you to add color and personality to your hair without having to dye it. Some people decide to dye their hair alongside the copper-colored hair extensions to achieve a uniform color from roots to tips.

An interesting benefit of copper extensions is their ability to complement any skin tone with a lovely, feminine glow. The vibrant copper shade perfectly complements the beautiful undertones of darker complexions.

Different shades of copper hair extensions are available for you to choose from. From copper brown, to copper blonde, copper ombre, ginger copper, to name a few. A professional colorist can identify the ideal shade to match your skin tone and personal style.

You can wear this versatile color with various braided styles like knotless, box braids, cornrows, and twists. You can also use ornaments such as transparent beads, cowries shells, and ribbons to further enhance your copper braids.

Here are some amazing ways you can style your copper braids. From classic to edgy, there are endless possibilities for styling your copper braids. Experiment with different lengths, textures, and shades to create your own unique look.

1. Copper Box Braids

Image of Copper Box Braids
Image by: obeyjazzymonroe/Instagram

If you want to get creative or experiment with your box braids, you can touch them up with the copper color. Copper box braids feature box braids made using copper-colored hair extensions. They are made using the traditional box braiding style with knots at the base of the braids and can be finished off in curly tips. This hairstyle looks amazing and can be worn for any occasion.

2. Copper Knotless Braids

Image of Copper Knotless Braids
Image by: hair_by_favy__/Instagram

Copper knotless braids feature braids made without the traditional knots at the roots of the braids using copper-colored hair extensions. Knotless braids, when completed, can be styled in different ways, including a half-up style, an updo, or a bun. The braids can also be finished with curly ends or beads for extra flair.

3. Copper Locs

Image of Copper Locs
Image by: kecibeauty/Instagram

If you want to put your natural hair in colorful dreadlocks without looking too bold or edgy, copper-colored locs are simply the way to go. If you already have locs installed, you can dye them copper to achieve this look. If you don’t have locs installed, you can simply opt for copper-colored loc hair extensions, and you are good to go.

4. Copper Crochet Braids

Image of Copper Crochet Braids
Image by: crochetbraidsbytwana/Instagram

If you want copper-colored braids but do not want to sit for long hours getting them installed, you can simply opt for copper crochet braids. Crochet braids feature already-made braids with loops that are attached to cornrows using a crochet needle. Crochet braids are a long-term protective style that can help you grow your natural hair healthily, as it is not manipulative.

5. Copper Braids on Dark Skin

Image of Copper Braids on Dark Skin
Image by: glamlookconnectshairstudio/Instagram

As a dark-skinned woman, you shouldn’t be restricted to wearing just black braids. You can experiment with colors like copper that perfectly complement your dark skin. This color is especially great for dark-skinned ladies who are not yet comfortable trying out colorful braids, as it is not too bright or too dark. The balance just does the magic. You can wear your copper braids in different styles, patterns, and lengths and with any hair ornaments of your choice.

6. Copper Goddess Braids

Image of Copper Goddess Braids
Image by: kailovestyle/Instagram

Copper goddess braids feature goddess braids made with copper-colored hair extensions. The braids are jumbo-sized with curly ends and curly tendrils falling from the braids. Copper-colored hair extensions add a vibrant touch to goddess braids. The warm tones of copper can complement various skin tones and add depth to the overall look. The copper color on the goddess braids is a stunning addition that draws attention to the braids.

7. Copper Boho Braids

Image of Copper Bohemian Braids
Image by: kcapellann_braids/Instagram

Boho braids feature box, knotless, or twist braids with curly ends and curly tendrils falling from the braids. They have undone curly ends that give off the appearance of being fuller and voluminous. Braid just the first few inches of hair to achieve the bohemian look and leave the rest undone and curly. Using copper-colored hair extensions to create your boho braids adds a distinctive touch to the look. You can also add cuffs or cowries to your copper-colored braids.

8. Ombre Copper Braids

Image of Ombre Copper Braids
Image by: narahairbraiding/Instagram

Ombre braids are a great way of breaking the monotony of getting just copper-colored braids. If you love a good pop of color in your braids or a blend of different colors, you can try out the ombre look. To achieve this look, you can use ombre copper hair extensions that have copper melting gently into another color or use separate hair extensions and manually blend the lighter color into the copper color towards the ends of the braids.

9. Black and Copper Braids

Image of Black and Copper Braids
Image by: sunshinesbeautystudio/Instagram

Copper and black mixed braids are quite popular, especially among black women. Among numerous ways to style these two colors, combining them stands out. When women consider getting a new hairstyle, they often opt for black braids. If you want to experiment with a burst of color in your braids without going overboard, consider the copper and black combo.

10. Copper Flat Braids

Image of Copper Flat Braids
Image by: kamariabraids/Instagram

Because black women’s hair is typically thick and dense, some prefer to wear it in flat braids that preserve the moisture and thickness of the afro. You can throw copper-colored hair extensions into the mix to make your flat braids stand out without doing too much.

11. Copper Orange Braids

Image of Copper Orange Braids
Image by: hope_braidsnmore/Instagram

Copper orange is a vibrant and warm color that adds a pop of playfulness to any hairstyle. Copper orange braids give a lovely balance and perfectly complement any skin color and hairstyle. The warmth of orange copper braids flatters fair complexion with cool undertones, medium skin with cool undertones, and even dark skin.

12. Copper Jumbo Braids

Image of Copper Jumbo Braids
Image by: msteach1225/Instagram

Copper is one of the most desired colors for jumbo braids. Copper jumbo braids look great on darker skin tones and are easier to transition to than blonde braids, which require more bleaching and color lifting. Put your hair into the long, chunky box, knotless, or twist braids using copper-colored hair extensions to achieve this hairstyle.

13. Copper Stitch Braids

Image of Copper Stitch Braids
Image by: precioushairbraids/Instagram

Copper stitch braids are beautiful and will have everyone complimenting you all day long. Stitch braids require a more precise part than regular cornrows and involve the use of a rat tail comb or pinky fingers to create the “stitch” look. The pop of copper adds extra flair to the stitch braids and makes you stand out at any occasion.

14. Copper Tribal Braids

Image of Copper Tribal Braids
Image by: styledbyyanaa_/Instagram

For centuries, tribal braids were worn to represent ethnic origin, tribal affiliations, marital status, and social standing. Today, tribal braids have become a popular hairstyle choice for people of all backgrounds, with many embracing them for their beauty and versatility. When creating tribal braids, you can decide on an attractive copper color. This hairstyle is just right for ladies who want a bold tribal braid look without appearing too edgy.

15. Copper Twist Braids

Image of Copper Twist Braids
Image by: msteach1225/Instagram

Twist braids, also known as rope twists, are a trendy hairstyle that involves twisting two sections of hair into a spiral rope braid. For black women with medium or dark skin tones, twist braid styles done with copper-colored hair extensions are one of the most suitable colored twist braid hairstyles.

16. Copper Fulani Braids

Image of Copper Fulani Braids
Image by: thebraideffect/Instagram

Fulani tribal braids hairstyles are traditionally characterized by cornrows braided down to the middle of the head and often accessorized using beads. Using copper-colored hair extensions for this hairstyle can give you one of the hottest Fulani braid looks. So, don’t be afraid to try it.

17. Copper Criss Cross Braids

Image of Copper Criss Cross Braids
Image by: hairbyyashh/Instagram

Copper criss cross braids are a fun and fashionable way to transform your style. Criss cross braids are easy to achieve and complement different hair lengths and textures. This hairstyle can be done with or without rubber bands and decorated with beads or curls.

18. Waterfall Braid With Copper Hair

Image of Waterfall Braid With Copper Hair
Image by: kenadeemoss/Instagram

Waterfall braids are a popular braid style, and doing it with copper-colored hair makes it look even more beautiful. You can mix your waterfall braid with curls to further enhance the look. The copper color allows the curls to create a striking visual appeal with any outfit it is combined with.

19. French Braids With Copper Hair

Image of French Braids With Copper Hair
Image by: bobby_scissor_hands/Instagram

French braids can also be done with copper-colored hair. French braids require you to cross sections of hair over one another while adding hair strands as you go. To achieve this hairstyle, you can dye your hair to a copper color if it is not the natural color of your hair.

20. Messy Updo With Copper Hair

Image of Messy Updo With Copper Hair
Image by: tingedbeauty/Instagram

All copper shades look great on wavy and curly hair, and incorporating the curls and waves into a messy updo is really attractive. Messy, curly updos on copper hair can be decorated with flowers or hair clips and used as bridal hairstyles.

21. Short Copper Braids

Image of Short Copper Braids
Image by: hairbyjopzuniquestylez/Instagram

Short hairstyles can be styled into a side part or center part with simple copper-colored box braids, knotless braids, or locs in a length that sits just below the chin. A hairstyle like this is easy to achieve and complements any skin tone.

22. Copper Ponytail Braid

Image of Copper Ponytail Braid
Image by: 24.gloss/Instagram

This copper ponytail braid features a braided ponytail made with copper-colored hair extensions. You can decide to dye your natural hair copper to create a uniform transition into the ponytail. You can also decorate your copper ponytail braid with curly strands, beads, and gems or finish it in a curly end.

23. Copper Feed in Braided Ponytail

Image of Copper Feed in Braided Ponytail
Image by: lee_stylezz/Instagram

A copper feed-in braided ponytail features cornrows that are done using the feed-in braiding technique. This hairstyle requires you to use copper-colored hair extensions to make feed-in cornrows that are gathered at the center of the head into a ponytail. This hairstyle is chic and will have you looking effortlessly beautiful at any occasion.


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