21 Viking Braid Hairstyles


If you’re looking for an intimidating and unique hairstyle, look no further than the Viking braid. This style of braid originates from the Nordic Vikings, and has recently gained popularity thanks to the TV series Vikings. While Viking braids can be made on any hair length, it is typically done on long hair or locs. The braid can be decorated with colorful hair accessories, such as rings, cuffs, and bands.

Looking for a fierce and stylish way to braid your hair? Check out these 21 Viking braid hairstyles that are perfect for long or short hair.

1. Viking Braids For Men

Viking Braids for Men

Viking braids is a popular option for men who want to style their hair for a tough and masculine look. The style usually involves shaving the sides of your head with your hair into one or two braids that hang down the back of your head. Men with long hair can wear this traditional style with or without a shaved side.

2. Viking Hairstyle For Women

Viking Hairstyle for Women

The traditional hairstyle for Viking women was to wear their hair in braids. This kept it out of their way while they were busy with their everyday activities. Married Viking women usually wore their hair in a bun, while unmarried women let their hair fall loosely down their back.

3. Braided Viking Beard

Braided Viking Beard

Typically, Viking men displayed thick, long beards braided and secured at the tip with hair rings. You do not have to braid your entire beard to achieve the viking beard; even a few braids will give you a stylish look.

4. Viking Dreadlocks

Viking Dreadlocks

Viking dreadlocks are a fashionable hairstyle choice for both men and women. You can style your long locs into a single Dutch braid to achieve this Viking style. Many people accessorize their locs with colorful hair accessories, which can really add to the overall look. 

5. Easy Viking Hairstyle

Easy Viking Hairstyle

Looking for a hairstyle that is both easy and stylish? Look no further than this easy viking hairstyle. A style like this is perfect for any casual or formal occasion. The key to achieving this look is to braid 4 French braids on top of the head, leaving some hair in front and the remaining hair falling loosely at the back.

6. Viking Mohawk Braid

Viking Mohawk Braid

Viking Mohawk braids are a stylish and fierce hairstyle that is perfect for women or men. If you already have the sides of your head shaved, you can braid just the middle hair but if you don’t, just braid the sides of your hair as Dutch braids and the center as a Single French braid. The Viking Mohawk braid is perfect for anyone who wants to show their wild side and will keep your hair out of your face during all of your adventures.

7. Nordic Viking Hairstyle

Nordic Viking Hairstyle

Nordic Viking hairstyles cater to both men and women. There are many different styles that you can create, all of which involve braiding. The braids can be made in a variety of ways, so you can really customize your look. Whether you’re going for a sleek and sophisticated look or a more casual and rugged style, there’s a Nordic-Viking hairstyle that will suit you.

8. Wedding Viking Hairstyle

Wedding Viking Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish wedding hairstyle, consider the Viking braid. This style features two small Dutch braids at the side that are braided into a large Dutch braid in the center of the head. This braid is perfect for a bride who wants a boho-inspired look for her big day.

9. Viking Ponytail

Viking Ponytail

The Viking ponytail hairstyle is one of the easiest to create. Simply gather your hair into a high ponytail and braid the tail. Alternatively, you can also braid your hair into a ponytail. This style is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to fuss with your hair, but still want to look put together.

10. Female Viking Dreadlocks

Female Viking Dreadlocks

Viking women often wore their hair in dreadlocks adorned with colorful beads and other accessories. This gave them a look that was both fierce and unique, and it helped them to stand out from the crowd. 

11. Viking Braids For Women With Short Hair

Viking Braids for Women With Short Hair

Even though Viking hairstyles usually involve long hair and dreads, Viking braids can also be worn on short hair. 

12. Viking Man Bun

Viking Man Bun

The viking man bun is a stylish and comfortable hairstyle for men with long or short hair. It is perfect for any occasion and can be easily styled at home. All you need is a few minutes and a little bit of practice.

13. Viking Braids For Long Hair

Viking Braids for Long Hair

The majority of Viking braids are made on long hair and deadlocks. The viking braid is a perfect style to flaunt long hair. To style your hair into this viking braid style, section your hair into two sections and braid the upper section into a large Dutch braid at the center and two small ones at the sides. 

14. Viking Cornrows

Viking Cornrows

Cornrows are a simple hairstyle that does not require much time to do. To make a Viking hairstyle, the cornrows are typically braided along the sides of the head.

15. Viking Side Braids

Viking Side Braids

In Viking side braids, only the sides of the head are braided. The middle hair can then be styled in such a way that the hair stands out, either with or without the ends braided. 

16. Viking Updo

Viking Updo

A viking updo is perfect for casual and formal events and will help you keep hair out of your face and off your shoulders as well as keeping your hair in place. To make your hair into this viking updo, just braid one French braid at the middle of your head and use a hair clip to secure the ends to the side of your head. 

17. Viking Top Knot

Viking Top Knot

Viking top knots are located on the top of the head with the ends of the hair tied together. Viking top knots are usually made by men and women with faded hair cuts and are only able to braid their hair at the top of the head. 

18. Viking Bun

Viking Bun

If you are looking for a comfortable viking braid style that keeps your hair away from your face all day, the Viking bun is ideal for you. Simply wrap your braid ends into a bun and you’re done. 

19. Viking French Braid

Viking French Braid

The Viking French braid hairstyle is a great option if you do not want your braids to be too high on your scalp. To create this style, simply French braid your hair, making sure that the braids are tight around your head.

20. Male Viking Braids For Short Hair

Male Viking Braids for Short Hair

As long as your hair is long enough to braid, you can also wear Viking braids if you have short hair. Making this Viking braid with fade is straightforward since you only need to braid your hair into a single Dutch braid. 

21. Viking War Braids

Viking War Braids

It was common for Viking warriors to wear braids to keep their hair out of their faces and to appear intimidating to their enemies. So if you want to feel like a warrior, give this style a try!


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