21 Beard Braid Styles


Men certainly consider how to style the hair on their head, however—unfortunately—they usually spend less time thinking of how they can style their beard. Beard styles are a fun and unique mode of self-expression that’s thankfully grown in popularity in recent years. 

Are you looking for a new and good-looking way to style your beard? If so, you should consider trying out one of the many beard braid styles available below. Viking beards are extremely popular, and for good reason—they’re incredibly masculine and stylish. Whether you have a long or short beard, or whether it is thin or thick, there’s surely a style that will suit you. Here is a list of styles to inspire your next look.

1. Short Beard Style

Short Beard Style

Short beards can be braided as long as they’re about four inches long. Usually, short beard braids are held in place with rubber bands, beads or hair rings as they unravel pretty easily if not secured.

2. Viking Beard

Viking Beard

A viking beard is usually thick and full. You can braid all of the beard or just a few strands on each side of the mouth to achieve a viking beard braid style.

3. Beard Ties

Beard Ties

Beard ties describes a style where the beard is tied off at intervals using threads, rubber bands or hair rings to make the beard look sort of similar to bubble braids.

4. Beard Cornrows

Beard Cornrows

Beard cornrows are most commonly made as two cornrows as there is really not much space to make too many cornrows on the chin area. The cornrows can be braided down individually or merged into a single braid.

5. Beard Ponytail

Beard Ponytail

A beard ponytail is similar to the hair ponytail. Just weave your beard into a single braid to get a nice looking ponytail. This is a simple-to-do style that’s popular among guys with longer beards.

6. Traditional Viking Beard Braid

Traditional Viking Beard Braid

Vikings usually keep their beards thick and long to keep them warm during cold seasons and to make them look intimidating to their enemies. A traditional Viking beard braid features a couple of individual braids made on a Viking-style beard in any size you want.

7. Forked Beard

Forked Beard

A forked beard has a quirky look as the hair usually extends past the chin and gets split in the middle to look like a fork. A forked beard is usually made into two braids since the hair is split in the middle already.

8. Thor Braided Beard

Thor Braided Beard

A Thor braided beard is inspired by the character Thor from the Marvel Comics franchise. You just have to braid parts of your beard into individual braids to get this Thor-like braided beard style.

9. Braided Beard With Beads

Braided Beard With Beads

Viking beards with beads are really fun-looking beards. Beads can be used to adorn the braids and also to secure the ends of the braids at the same time. There are beads of all different types and colors to use for your beard braids. Try wooden beads for a tribal look, metal beads for a Nordic look, or coordinate the color of your beads with your favorite sports team’s colors and wear them to the next sports event!

10. Viking Long Beard Styles

Viking Long Beard Styles

Vikings usually kept long and full beards. You can pull off a Viking long beard style by braiding your long beard into two braids. The style is quite popular and very easy to make.

11. Beard Bun

Beard Bun

A beard bun is similar to a hair bun as they are done using the same technique. Just style your beard into a ponytail and wrap the ends into a bun. A beard bun doesn’t require much effort at all—you can easily do it yourself in a few seconds.

12. Long Braided Beard

Long Braided Beard

This long braided beard style is easy to create and you can make it by yourself by braiding all of your beard into a single braid and securing the ends with a rubber band to prevent it from loosing.

13. French Braid Beard

French Braid Beard

A French braid beard usually has the hair braided as two French braids running down both sides of the face and down, either into a single braid or two French braids with each side braided down individually.

14. Beard Rubber Band

Beard Rubber Band

You can secure your beard cornrows by using a rubber band to tame the ends and prevent it from loosing. You can also use a rubber band decoratively to give the beard braid a different look from the regular braids.

15. Black Braided Beard

Black Braided Beard

If you have a black beard, you can braid it into a double beard braid which will spice up your look and give your black beard a bit of an edgy feel.

16. Beard Twists

Beard Twists

Beard twists are easier than braids and quick to make as well. You can make your beard twists in small to jumbo sizes depending on the look you would like to achieve and how much beard hair you have available.

17. Double Braided Beard

Double Braided Beard

Double braided beards are popular beard braids styles. All you have to do is part the hair into two and braid each section into individual braids.

18. Jack Sparrow Beard Braids

Jack Sparrow Beard Braids

The Jack Sparrow beard braid is inspired by the Pirates of The Caribbean movie character and it features two small braids with beads at the ends.

19. Small Beard Braids

Small Beard Braids

Small beard braids are done by parting the beard into small sections and braiding each of them individually. Small beard braids take more time to make than jumbo ones.

20. Dwarf Braided Beard

Dwarf Braided Beard

Beard braids are common in dwarf culture so it’s not unusual to see dwarfs with thick braided beards. The beards can be made into different styles.

21. Pirate Beard Braids

Pirate Beard Braids

Some pirates usually keep long beards as they’re too occupied and have no time to shave, or they just want to be able to change their appearance for disguise reasons. You can braid your beard into small braids—paired with a curly mustache, if possible—to get the pirate beard look.


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