20 Scarf Braid Hairstyles


Our hair is our crown and just like a crown, it looks better and more majestic with decorations and embellishments. However, the usual beads and clips can get boring after a while. Have you ever considered using a scarf to give your braid style more color and personality? If not, you should definitely keep scrolling. Scarf braids are braid hairstyles that either have scarves braided into the hair or tied on the hair. 

Scarves can be incorporated into the hair in so many creative and unique ways that add charm and make the hair more fancy. Read to the end to get inspired by this whole article full of cute ways in which you can style your scarf braids.

1. Head Scarf With Bangs

Head Scarf With Bangs

If you have natural bangs or you’ve had your front hair cut into bangs, you can easily achieve this headscarf with bangs by braiding your hair with the scarf, then using the ends to tie your hair around your head.

2. Scarf Bun Wrap

Scarf Bun Wrap

If you’re tired of regular and boring bun wraps, you can attach a scarf to your hair while wrapping to give your hair a nice pop, making it look bright and so very stylish.

3. Head Scarf for Short Hair

Head Scarf for Short Hair

You can also join the scarf braids trend if you have short hair. The length of your hair doesn’t restrict you from creating the style unless your hair is too short to be braided at all. Just tie the front of your head with the scarf and braid the ends of the scarf into your hair.

4. Head Scarf on Curly Hair

Head Scarf on Curly Hair

To pull off this head scarf for curly hair style, just tie a scarf from the front of your head to the back—preferably a silk or satin scarf which won’t cause any friction to your curly hair.

5. Hair Scarf Ponytail

Hair Scarf Ponytail

The hair scarf ponytail is a pretty braided ponytail hairstyle that has a scarf braided with the hair. You can use any type and color of scarf for this hairstyle.

6. Scarf Hairstyle for Long Hair

Scarf Hairstyle for Long Hair

A scarf can be easily braided with long hair to get a charming braided hairstyle. Usually, scarves of long lengths are used so it aligns with the natural hair length. You can tie the scarf on your head before braiding or just braid it into the ends of the hair.

7. Scarf Hairstyle With Box Braids

Scarf Hairstyle With Box Braids

An elegant way to style your box braids is by styling it into a scarf ponytail. The scarf is used to tie the hair and secure it into a high or low ponytail or any other style like the half-up, half-down.

8. Scarf Bun on Black Hair

Scarf Bun on Black Hair

The scarf bun is a bun style that is achieved by using a scarf. Your black hair can be styled into a low or high bun with any scarf color that you want. The color of the scarf is accentuated against the black hair.

9. Scarf Braid Crown

Scarf Braid Crown

Scarf braid crowns are a fashionable upgrade to the regular crown braids. Brightly colored scarves will give your hair a vibrant look and take your braids from boring to amazing.

10. Satin Scarf for Dreads

Satin Scarf for Dreads

Satin scarves are very nice on textured hair which makes them a good option for your locs hairstyle. You can use your satin scarf to tie your dreads to the back or to secure the hair into a ponytail or an updo.

11. Scarf Style on Black Hair

Scarf Style on Black Hair

Any scarf color will look nice on your black hair. While black scarves blend into the hair, colored ones give a very attractive flair to the braids.

12. Fancy Scarf Braid

Fancy Scarf Braid

This two Dutch braids into a scarf bun hairstyle gives you a neat and fancy look. You can have a part of the scarf hanging down your neck or just secure all of the scarf’s length into the bun.

13. Head Scarf With Weave

Head Scarf With Weave

Head scarves can be made with weaves of different types such as curly, wavy and straight weave. The weave is already sewn into the scarf which means you only need to tie the scarf onto your head to rock this hairstyle.

14. Head Scarf With Braids

Head Scarf With Braids

Head scarves with braids are scarves that have braids of different styles attached to them. As the scarf already has the braids, all you need to do is just tie it on your head and everyone will think you had your hair done.

15. Braid Scarf Into Hair

Braid Scarf Into Hair

If you want your braids to be different from the regular or you just want to add color to your braids without using colored extensions, braid a scarf into your hair and it will add more life and color to your braids.

16. Scarf Hair Updo

Scarf Hair Updo

Scarf hair updos are updo styles that have the hair styled up into a bun or knot with a scarf included. Usually, the scarf is braided in as one of the strands or just attached to one of the hair strands to give more color.

17. Scarf Braid Wig

Scarf Braid Wig

Scarf braid wigs are braided wigs that come with a scarf on top of the braids. The scarf can either be detachable or not, depending on what you’re looking for. The wigs can be made with different sizes and colors of scarves.

18. Scarf Pixie Cut

Scarf Pixie Cut

There are two different ways in which you can get this scarf pixie cut. The first is to tie a scarf on your pixie cut hair or wig while the second is to get a pixie cut wig which already has a scarf attached to it. Either way you choose to rock your scarf pixie cut, rest assured that it will look wonderful on you.

19. Scarf Around the Head

Scarf Around the Head

A scarf tied around the head suits every style you can have your hair made into. This is a quick and easy way to fix up your hair and prevent a bad hair day.

20. Head Scarf Low Bun

Head Scarf Low Bun

The head scarf low bun is a scarf tying method made to look like a regular low bun hairstyle. To achieve this style, you have to secure all of your hair inside the scarf without any loose strands. You can easily tie your scarf into this style by yourself. 


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