18 Bridesmaids Hairstyles With Braids


Picture this – you receive a text from your best friend asking you to be one of her bridesmaids. You’re over the moon excited for her big day! But as you start dress shopping and planning hair trials, you realize you have no idea what to do with your hair. Every bride has a vision, yet you still want to feel comfortable and like your best self.

It hit me when styling for my sister’s wedding – braids are THE move for the perfect bridesmaid look. Braided hairstyles work for any bridesmaid dress, hair type and wedding style. Boho fishtail braid? Cute and breezy. Intricate twisted updo? Polished for black-tie. With so many gorgeous ways to braid, I knew there must be an option for every bride and ‘maid.

So I compiled this cheat sheet of 18 on-trend braided hairstyles for bridesmaids. I wanted to take the guesswork out for ladies wanting to look and feel amazing for their friend’s big day. Together we’ll discover braided looks ranging from regal crowns to whimsical plaits you can even DIY at home. Consider this your guide to nailing your bridesmaid hair game – flattering styles inside that are fun, simple, swoon-worthy and guaranteed to delight any bride for her dream wedding!

1. Bridesmaid Braid Style For Long Hair

Bridesmaid Braid Style For Long Hair
Image: hair.by.katie.x/Instagram

One of the benefits of having long hair is the ability to create a wide range of braided styles. Bridesmaids with long hair can incorporate a braid along one section, leaving the rest of the hair to gently fall back. This elegant half-up half-down look flatters all face shapes and can be achieved in a short time. The braided detail adds polish while the loose hair keeps the style romantic and appropriate for a wedding party.

2. Bridesmaid Braided Updo

Bridesmaid Braided Updo
Image: caitlinhairandbeauty/Instagram

An updo secured at the back with delicate braids creates a comfortable and convenient hairstyle for bridesmaids. Keeping the hair pulled up and neatly styled keeps it out of the face when fulfilling bridesmaid duties. Braided detailing adds an elegant, polished touch to this practical updo for wedding party members.

3. Bridesmaid Braids For Black Hair

Bridesmaid Braids For Black Hair
Image: brushbeautyco/Instagram

Braided hairstyles beautifully complement black hair’s rich texture. Intricate braiding patterns better highlight the face shape and enhance makeup for darker complexions. Bridesmaids with black hair can incorporate braided accents, sections, or full braided styles into their look for the wedding day. Strategically placed braids add polish and elegance for the wedding party.

4. Braided Half Updo for Short Hair

Braided Half Updo for Short Hair for Bridesmaids
Image: hair.so.boho/Instagram

Bridesmaids with short hair have stylish options beyond only long, flowing locks. A chic look can be achieved by sweeping the top section of hair into one or multiple delicate braids, with the lower layer gently framing the face. This half up, half down style is elegant and practical, keeping hair out of the eyes while still allowing movement. Braids add a polished touch of detail, elevating this short hair bridesmaid look from basic to beautiful for a wedding party.

5. Wavy Braided Half Up Half Down

Wavy Braided Half Up Half Down for Bridesmaids
Image: jacqueramiresbeauty/Instagram

A braided half up half down in wavy style is a versatile, elegant choice for bridesmaids. This look is achieved by securing the top section of hair into one or more braids while allowing the rest to fall over the shoulders and back gently. The braids add chic detail that elevates the style beyond basic while still keeping some hair down to soften facial features. This half up, half down works well for all hair types and lengths, making it a fashionable option suitable for any bridesmaid’s special day. The braids with wavy loose hair give a nice finish, perfect for wedding photos.

6. Braided Updo for Long Hair

Bridesmaid Braided Updo for Long Hair
Image: hairathurst/Instagram

An updo is a practical choice for bridesmaids with long hair. Pulling the hair up and off the neck prevents overheating and keeps long locks neatly back and out of the face. Incorporating braids adds elegance and detail to a basic updo, elevating it for a wedding style. Small braids can be subtly worked into buns. Or, hair can be pulled into multiple intricate braids before being arranged in a rounded updo shape. Keeping long hair up on a busy wedding day brings functionality while strategic braiding accents perfect the look for photographs and memories.

7. Side Braid to Low Bun

Side Braid to Low Bun Bridesmeaid Hair
Image: sarah_harrington__/Instagram

An easy yet polished bridesmaid hairstyle suits those who want simple on the wedding day. Hair can be sectioned to the side and delicately woven into a single braid, then gathered into a low bun in the nape of the neck. The braid adds just enough detail without overcomplicating the look. Securing longer hair up and out of the face brings functionality. This effortless style won’t take much time and can be easily undone later. It brings both practicality and elegance together for an unfussy bridesmaid option.

8. Braided Medium Length Bridesmaid Style

Braided Medium Length Bridesmaid Style
Image: kristenwellshairstylist/Instagram

Medium-length hair—neither too long nor too short—gives you bridesmaids lots of versatile styling options. This in-between length lets you show off your creative side. You can leave some sections loose and flowing while pinning up other parts. Or get adventurous with intricate braids and funky textures before letting the rest cascade freely. The possibilities are wide open! So don’t be afraid to play around and see what you can come up with. Maybe do a few loose curls or crimped waves as your base. Then weave small Dutch braids across two sides and in the back. That would look so pretty for a wedding!

9. Braided Style for Junior Bridesmaids

Braided Style for Junior Bridesmaids
Image: cecilymorgan_hair/Instagram

Young bridesmaids can incorporate braided accents for a polished yet playful look. A single braid woven subtly along one side helps secure the hair while acting as an ornamental detail. Letting the rest gently flow down keeps the style youthful. Strategically placed delicate braids elevate the look beyond basic, allowing junior bridesmaids to feel styled and stunning for this special event.

10. Bridesmaid Ponytail With Braids

Bridesmaid Ponytail With Braids
Image: natalie_newton_hair/Instagram

A ponytail is one of the quickest, simplest hairstyles suitable for busy bridesmaids. While plain ponytails are unfussy and practical, incorporating one or more braids adds an elegant touch of detail. Strategic braiding along the crown before gathering into a low ponytail keeps the style tidy while elevating it beyond basic. This easy yet polished look complements both formal gowns and casual wedding attire. Braided ponytails strike the perfect balance between convenience and style.

11. Braids With Side Bun

Braids With Side Bun for Bridesmaid hair
Image: stephowens_beauty/Instagram

Buns need not be placed high, low or centrally. Bridesmaids can create interest by positioning their bun to one side. This is achieved by delicately braiding along the head and then gathering hair smoothly into a side bun. The braid acts as an ornamental anchor, preventing loose strands while drawing eyes towards the unexpected side placement. Both long and short-haired bridesmaids can incorporate this unexpected spin by accenting with a subtle braid before gathering into a fashionably placed side bun.

12. Crown Braid Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Braided Crown Bridesmaid Hairstyle
Image: glambyallison_/Instagram

This crown braids hairstyle for bridesmaids beautifully frames the face. A Dutch or fishtail braid is crafted into a headband shape, starting from one side of the head and wrapping around the back of the head to the other side. The braid’s woven texture elegantly encircles the head, almost appearing like a floral crown. This draws attention to the facial features and adds modern interest. The rest of the hair can be left down in loose waves or secured to the the head.

13. Side Swept Fishtail Braid

Side Swept Fishtail Braid Bridesmaid
Image: hairbyoliviajames/Instagram

This bridesmaid hairstyle features a fishtail braid swept dramatically to one side. The hair is parted deeply and then intricately woven into a neat, elongated fishtail braid. The braid is styled to sweep across the head, angling down towards the shoulder on one side. This creates an eye-catching asymmetric look. The fishtail texture adds modern intrigue while securing the hair neatly off the face and neck. Leaving some face-framing pieces out softens the swooped style. This is an edgy yet elegant look for bridesmaids.

14. Boho Fishtail Braid

boho Fishtail Braid for bridesmaid hair
Image: bespokebridal_hairbynicola/Instagram

This relaxed yet styled boho bridesmaid hairstyle features a fishtail braid for a relaxed yet stylish look. A fishtail braid is crafted across the back of the head, starting around the ears. Pieces are left out framing the face for a casual, undone vibe. The single braid adds just enough elegance, while the soft curls embrace the carefree bohemian aesthetic.

15. Braided Updo for Bridesmaids with Short Hair

Braided Updo for Bridesmaids With Short Hair
Image: carlywilliamshair/Instagram

This elegant updo is perfect for bridesmaids with short hair. The hair on one side is braided close to the head in a French or Dutch braid, starting at the hairline and continuing horizontally back. The braid gives the illusion of more length while adding delicate texture. It is pinned in place as it reaches the other side. The rest of the hair is smoothly gathered and pinned into a neat low bun at the nape of the neck or base of the head. This creates a tidy, formal look from short hair while still allowing some focus on the face. Securing all pins tightly ensures an immaculate updo that will withstand long wedding days.

16. Braided Half-Up Style for Shoulder Length Hair

Braided Half Up Style for Shoulder Length Hair Bridesmaid
Image: hopejameshair/Instagram

This braided half-updo is an elegant choice for bridesmaids with shoulder-length hair. It provides the ease of wearing some hair down while elevating the look with a decorative braided section. The hair is parted at either the side or middle, then a Dutch, fishtail or other intricate braid is crafted from the part down past the shoulder. The braid is pinned in place while the remaining hair is left to gently frame the face and shoulders in soft waves or curls. This style is chic yet comfortable for a bridesmaid’s often busy day. The braid adds modern allure while the loose hair retains a touchable, fluid texture.

17. Ponytail Style With Braids for Black Bridesmaids

Ponytail Style With Braids for Black Bridesmaids
Image: hairbynatalieukx/Instagram

Bridesmaids with black hair can have their hair styled into a ponytail with braids at the side. The ponytails can be made simple with no hair left out or can have leave outs, bangs and even swoops. Small braids can be created on the side before pulling the rest of the hair neatly into the secured ponytail. This adds textural interest while keeping the overall style elegant. Ponytail hairstyles are classic and easy go-to looks for busy bridesmaids on the wedding day.

18. Half Updo With Twists for Bridesmaids

Half Updo With Twists for Bridesmaids
Image: thegardensalonyeovil/Instagram

The twisted half updo creates visual interest for bridesmaids through an elegantly combined look. The front portion of hair is sectioned off then twisted smoothly before being secured with bobby pins into a chic, understated half bun or knot. This helps keep hair neatly away from the face for an organized appearance. The remaining length of hair cascades lightly down the shoulders and back in bouncy curls or waves, contrasting with the sleek twisted front. This comfortable half up, half down style lets bridesmaids highlight their pretty hair texture while enjoying versatile volume through the bottom.


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