25 Marley Twists Hairstyles


Marley twists are a gorgeous, afrocentric style that is originally named after the late musician Bob Marley’s Rastafarian locs. Marley twists are essentially twist braids that are done using Marley or afro kinky hair extensions. This kind of hair extensions used for these twists is usually coarse, allowing it to blend perfectly with naturally coarse hair textures.

You can also try out the Marley twist hairstyle even if you don’t have naturally coarse hair. It is a great option when you want to try out dreadlock-type looks and textures but don’t want to get dreads actually installed in your hair. Because coarse extensions are used, Marley twists are packed with volume, making them perfect for anyone who wants a plump and voluptuous, yet neatly done hairstyle.

This hairstyle can be done in so many different sizes, lengths and colors, and pair beautifully with any outfit for any occasion.

Here are some ways you can wear your Marley twists:

1. Cuban Twists

Cuban Twists

Cuban twists are a kind of Marley twists that are done using Cuban twist hair extensions. This hair extension is normally pre-made and attached to the natural hair using the crochet method so that it can act as the perfect protective shield  for your hair.

2. Natural Twists

Natural Twists

Natural hair twists are done by parting the natural hair, then taking two strands and wrapping them around each other—short and sweet! This is a perfect option when you want a protective hairstyle that keeps the moisture in.

3. Bohemian Twists

Bohemian Twists

Bohemian Marley twists are essentially Marley twists that have curly strands of hair, or leave-outs, hanging down from them. To create this look, you simply take out a strand of hair or two as you’re making the twist, then curl the strand(s) afterward. These curly strands give the twists even more volume and detail.

4. Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Marley twists are a kind of messy Marley twists style that intentionally have a distressed, unravelled look. This style has a voluminous, ethereal vibe, and is a smooth combination of goddess locs and passion twists.

5. Small Marley Twists

Small Marley Twists

If you’re moreso a fan of slimmer braids or you don’t like braids that are too heavy or voluminous, you can get small sized Marley twists. They are easier to wear, manipulate, and style, and are just as chic as thicker ones.

6. Long Marley Twists

Long Marley Twists

From waist length, to your hip, all the way down to knee length, you can wear your Marley twists as long as you want! The way long Marley twists will sway and swoosh behind you will have you looking very classy.

7. Ombre Marley Twists

Ombre Marley Twists

Ombré refers to the color of the hair—specifically, how the hair color fades from one color to the another. Ombré twists gradually go from lighter or darker, darker to lighter, or from one color to a completely different one. You can wear your Marley twists in ombré colors if you want to flawlessly rock two or more colors at the same time.

8. Regular Marley Twists

Regular Marley Twists

Marley twists are a charming way of wearing your twists in a way that looks natural, feels soft, and appears full. They are created using kanekalon Marley hair extensions or afro kinky hair extensions.

9. Twists With Curly Ends

Twists With Curly Ends

A simple way to add more glam to your already-perfect Marley twists is by adding curls to the ends of your braids. This gives the hair more volume and works well with Marley twists of any length. Not to mention that it’s so simple to do, you can add the curls yourself!

10. Havana Marley Twists

Havana Marley Twists

Havana Marley twists are a kind of Marley twist hairstyle that is done using Havana hair extensions. This hairstyle is a protective hairstyle that is a bit larger in size than other Marley twist styles and will give your twists a different texture.

11. Big Passion Twists

Big Passion Twists

Big passion twists can also be referred to as jumbo passion twists. They are essentially large sized Marley twists done using passion twist hair extensions. They appear rougher and non-uniform when done as compared to other types of twist hairstyles.

12. Jumbo Marley Twists

Jumbo Marley Twists

Jumbo Marley twists are a modern, minimalistic and super attractive hairstyle. To achieve this style, your hair is put into Marley twist braids in large sections with large chunks of Marley hair extensions.

13. Shoulder Length Marley Twist Braids

Shoulder Length Marley Twist Braids

Marley twists can also be worn at shoulder length across different color shades. This hairstyle is easy to wear and maintain, and can be put in half-up updos or left to fall on the shoulders.

14. Short Marley Twists

Short Marley Twists

Marley twists can be worn in any length and short Marley twists are an all-time trendy hairstyle. This hairstyle is easy to flaunt and keep neat. Best of all, short Marley twists can be worn in a bob, or styled as half-up half-down looks, cute pigtails, and more.

15. Nubian Twists

Nubian Twists

Nubian twists are a type of Marley twists done using afro kinky hair extensions. This look requires that the hair be twisted into very tight coils, creating a defined look and making it appear like a tight spring. 

16. Crochet Marley Hair

Crochet Marley Hair

The crochet Marley hairstyle is an easy way to wear Marley hair of any length and size without going through the stress of sitting for long hours to get them styled. This hairstyle is achieved by putting your hair in individual braids and securing them into the crochet Marley extension, or putting your hair into cornrows and attaching the crochet extensions using a crochet pin.

17. Blonde Marley Twists

Blonde Marley Twists

The blonde Marley twist hairstyle is a perfect choice for people that have a brown to blonde shade of natural hair. You can also wear this hairstyle even if you have a darker hair shade and want something different. Blonde looks lovely against all shades of skin as well!

18. Marley Twists With Beads

Marley Twists With Beads

You can use beads to decorate your braids when you have few braids and want to give them a fuller look, or just want to add alluring details and embellishments to your hair. It can compliment twists of any length perfectly.

19. Bob Marley Locs

Bob Marley Locs

Bob Marley locs feature a matted or knotted look made by locking the hair into rope-like strands using a special crochet pin. There are a wide variety of locs styles, lengths and colors to choose from depending on your preference. 

20. Marley Hair Ponytail

Marley Hair Ponytail

Marley hair ponytail is achieved by  slicking the hair back into a bun and securing it at the base of the neck with an elastic band. The Marley hair extensions are then sewn to the base of the bun or installed using a crochet pin.

21. Burgundy Marley Twists

Burgundy Marley Twists

There are no restrictions as to which colors you can wear your Marley twists in, so go as big as you like! You can wear them in any color of your choice, and burgundy is an awesome choice of color for Marley twists if you want a bright and daring color.

22. Marley Twists With Shaved Sides

Marley Twists With Shaved Sides

Anyone can wear a fierce and trendy mix of Marley twists and a low cut. Usually the sides of the head are shaved down and the mohawk is then put into Marley twists of any length and color. You can choose to have both sides of the head shaved or just one side for an asymmetrical look.

23. Micro Marley Twists

Micro Marley Twists

Micro Marley twists are Marley twists woven with tiny sections of hair—even smaller than the small Marley twists style. This hairstyle is loved by many because it is easy to manipulate. This is due to the fact that the twists are so small that they can be put into any style as you would your natural hair. 

24. Half-up Half-down Marley Twists

Half up Half Down Marley Twists

The half-up, half-down Marley twists are one of the most stylish ways of wearing your Marley twists. It merges two styles, leaving the top half in a bun or ponytail and the lower half in single, loose Marley twists.

25. Marley Twist Bob

Marley Twist Bob

The Marley twist bob style is a short to medium length Marley twist hairstyle in which the hair is cut straight at any level between just below the jawline and the shoulders. The ends are then burnt or secured with elastic bands to prevent them from unravelling.


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