17 Celtic Braid Hairstyles


Celtic braids are ornate braided hairstyles traditionally worn by Celts for war to intimidate their opponents and also by Celt women to allow them to carry out their daily activities without their hair getting in their way. Interestingly, these braids also served the purpose of allowing you to easily differentiate married women from unmarried ones. While married women braided their hair up, unmarried ones let their hair fall loosely unless going to war. This braid style holds a rich history that only adds to the attractiveness and flavor of the hairstyle.

In this article, we’ll celebrate this bold culture by looking at some Celtic braid hairstyles that will have you looking fierce!

1. Women’s Celtic Hairstyle

Womens Celtic Hairstyle

Celtic hairstyles for females allowed the female Celts to keep their hair in place while going about their daily activities and chores. Female Celts also braided their hair in different styles when going to war.

2. Men’s Celtic Braids

Mens Celtic Braids

Celtic braids for guys are easy and quick braided hairstyles for male Celts who normally keep their hair long. Celt braids for men give them a fierce and masculine look.

3. Viking Celtic Hairstyle

Viking Celtic Hairstyle

Viking hairstyles are very similar to Celtic hairstyles. They both have an ornate look and are usually worn by both males and females to war.

4. Celtic Knot Braids

Celtic Knot Braids

Celt knot braids are made in different styles inspired by Celtic art. A Celtic knot is usually in an infinity pattern which symbolizes the eternity of life. This is an ornate and impressive way to style your braids.

5. Traditional Celtic Hairstyle

Traditional Celtic Hairstyle

A traditional Celtic hairstyle is usually a braided half-up hairstyle made by braiding the hair at both sides of the head into a few cornrows and the middle as a large single braid. Celtic hairstyles are usually adorned with hair beads, rings or string.

6. Celtic Male Warrior Braids

Celtic Male Warrior Braids

Some male Celt warriors kept their hair long and braided it to make them look tough and frightening to their opponents in battle.

7. Ancient Celtic Hairstyle

Ancient Celtic Hairstyle

A feature of the ancient Celtic hairstyle is the styling of the hair into a Celtic knot. Ancient Celtic hairstyles are simple but decorative and can be made in a wide range of styles.

8. Celtic Warrior Braids

Celtic Warrior Braids

Celtic warrior braids were worn by Celt warriors when they were going into battles. The braids are believed to give them an intimidating look that would unnerve their enemies.

9. Celtic Beard Braids

Celtic Beard Braids

Celtic beard braids are simple beard braid styles. Just weave a few strands of your beard into a single braid and adorn the braid with a hair ring. The ring also helps secure the braid and prevent it from loosening.

10. Celtic Hairstyle for Short Hair

Celtic Hairstyle for Short Hair

Celtic hairstyles for short hair are perfect if you’re just growing out your hair or if you have a naturally short hair type. You can adorn the braids with decorative accessories.

11. Celtic Wedding Braids

Celtic Wedding Braids

If you want a gorgeous and eye-catching style for your wedding, a half-up Celtic knot hairstyle is a great choice for you. The style doesn’t cause too much stress, looks complex and detailed, and it gives off a classy vibe.

12. Easy Celtic Hairstyle

Easy Celtic Hairstyle

An easy Celtic hairstyle you can go for is the Celtic knot which has an intricate look despite being easy to achieve. A half-up Celtic hairstyle is both stunning and quick to make.

13. Blonde Celtic Braids

Blonde Celtic Braids

Blonde Celtic braids will make you look attractive and tough at the same time. To pull off a blonde Celtic braid hairstyle, you can make two Dutch braids on both sides of your head and a large braid at the center.

14. Flat Celtic Braids

Flat Celtic Braids

Flat Celtic braids are a perfect choice if you prefer Celtic braids that aren’t puffy. A fancy fishtail Celtic braid like this one is a good variation of a flat Celtic braid hairstyle.

15. Celtic French Braids

Celtic French Braids

Celtic French braids are French braids made into a Celtic style. Just weave one big French braid down the middle of the head and some small ones at the sides to achieve a beautiful Celtic hairstyle.

16. Curly Celtic Braids

Curly Celtic Braids

Celtic braid curly hair has an interesting appearance and will make you look so full of life. Even though the Celtic braids for curly hair style looks enchanting, it requires proper maintenance to prevent the hair from frizzing quickly.

17. Celtic Braids on a Redhead

Celtic Braids on a Redhead

Celtic braids look super nice and natural on redheads. Irish culture has a lot of redhead women which means that Celtic braids are pretty commonly made on this hair color. If your hair isn’t naturally red, you can dye it red and/or use red extensions.


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