19 Anime Braid Hairstyles


The popularity of anime has always been high, however it’s exploded over the last decade as a major culture. 

Anime, for those who don’t know, is a style of Japanese-originated cartoons and animations. While there are many different types, an anime hairstyle is usually characterized by being a little messy, very colorful and having bangs in front. 

The anime braid hairstyle is made by braiding the hair into one or more simple or complex braids. This braid style is often seen in cosplays, as it can be easily adapted to match many different anime characters. This super cute style is perfect for those who want a look that is both pretty and unique. 

Let’s take a look at some great anime braided hairstyles.

1. Hairstyle for Anime Girls

Hairstyle for Anime Girls

The anime braid style is suitable for girls and features one or two colorful long pigtail braids with bangs. You can mix any colors of your choice to get the perfect combination.

2. Easy Anime Hairstyle

Easy Anime Hairstyle

If you want to style your hair into an anime braid by yourself, an easy way is to braid the hair at the back into two ponytails while you leave the front hair loose to form bangs.

3. Black Anime Hairstyle

Black Anime Hairstyle

Style your black hair into the popular double ponytails with bangs to achieve an easy anime braid hairstyle. If you want an extra cute flair, you can decorate the black braids with colorful ribbons.

4. Anime Hairstyle With Bun

Anime Hairstyle With Bun

This is the more comfortable option if you’re after convenience. An anime hairstyle bun gives you the chance to rock anime braids without any stress.

5. Anime Hairstyles With Bangs

Anime Hairstyles With Bangs

Anime hairstyles with bangs give you a proper anime look as most anime characters have their hair styled with bangs. This particular anime hairstyle is created by braiding the hair into a few individual braids at the back and having bangs in front.

6. Anime Side Braid

Anime Side Braid

This side braid is achieved by braiding your hair to one side. Since some of the hair in front is left down to form a messy side bang, the anime look is kept intact.

7. Anime Hairstyle for Long Hair

Anime Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long hair or long hair extensions will allow you to braid your hair into an anime braid easily. A perfect way of styling long hair as anime braids is by braiding the hair at the top and styling the braids into double ponytails with the ends loose.

8. Anime Twin Braids

Anime Twin Braids

Anime twin braids are the most popular. You can style your hair into twin braids either without bangs or with full or side bangs. Either way, if you choose this style you’re sure to get an almost-perfect anime hairdo.

9. Anime Mom Braid

Anime Mom Braid

Older ladies also watch and love anime which makes it an inspiration for some of their braided hairstyles. A braided ponytail over one shoulder is a great anime mom braid that doesn’t require too much effort.

10. Braided Anime Wig

Braided Anime Wig

A braided anime wig is the easiest and quickest way to get an anime braid done. All you need to do is put on the pre-braided anime wig and take it off after you’re finished using it. In the case where you want an anime braid with fringe but you don’t want to cut your hair to get it, an anime braid wig will save the day!

11. Anime Boy Braid

Anime Boy Braid

Anime boy braids are usually very simple. Braid your hair into two French braids and leave the ends of the braids unbraided halfway, using a rubber band to secure the braided part.

12. Anime Braided Ponytail

Anime Braided Ponytail

This anime braid ponytail starts with two Dutch braids at the sides of the head. The ends of the braids are then styled with the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. You can also choose this ponytail style for your everyday look.

13. Anime Girl With Short Braids

Anime Girl With Short Braids

You can also braid your short hair into a minimal anime style that features just two braided ponytails. Short hair has a high tendency of unravelling at the ends which is why you should make sure to secure the braids with a rubber band.

14. Anime Girl With Red Braids

Anime Girl With Red Braids

An anime braid style that will suit your bubbly personality is the red anime braid. You’ll definitely attract a lot of attention and stares when you rock anime braids with red hair or any other energetic color.

15. Anime Braided Style With Purple Hair

Anime Braided Style With Purple Hair

A purple anime hairstyle is a lively and vibrant braided hairstyle. Lighter shades of purple, such as this one, have a tranquil feel. This style is for ladies who aren’t scared to rock daring and edgy hairstyles.

16. Anime Braided Style With Pink Hair

Anime Braided Style With Pink Hair

An anime braid that will make you look very doll-like, like your favorite anime character, is the pink hair braid. You must have your hair in a pink color or use pink hair extensions, weave or wigs to be able to recreate this hairstyle.

17. Anime Fishtail Braid

Anime Fishtail Braid

If you want to shake up your anime braids and make them look different from the regular, braid each ponytail as fishtail braids and secure the ends with rubber bands to keep them from coming loose. You can make a few top braids and wrap them into perfect space buns.

18. Anime Hairstyle With Blonde Braids

Anime Hairstyle With Blonde Braids

A pigtail braid with bangs hairstyle is perfect for blonde hair and makes for an adorable anime hairdo. Part your blonde hair into two sections and weave each section into a braid to get this style. If your hair isn’t already blonde you can bleach or dye it, or use blonde colored synthetic hair.

19. One-Braided Anime Hairstyle

One Braided Anime Hairstyle

This here is a quick hairstyle that you can make by yourself if you want a simple and easy-to-style anime braid. Another bit of good news: this anime style can be achieved on short or long hair.


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