22 Mexican Braids Hairstyles


Braids interweave beauty, artistry, and cultural traditions from around the world. In Mexico, intricate braiding techniques and vibrant decorations create stylish, symbolic hairstyles. Braiding hair has been an important custom, passed down for generations as a representation of identity. Ancient indigenous civilizations like the Aztecs, Mayans and Zapotecs used elaborate braids to signify social status, age, and marital status.

In Mexico’s subtropical climate, women traditionally wear long hair tucked up off the neck – low chignons accentuated by braids keep hair from interfering with outdoor activities. Decorative ribbons also hold hair in place while adding bursts of color. Beyond practicality, these braids communicate cultural heritage.

From delicate braids to ornate updos, braided hairstyles showcase the diversity of hair traditions. Here are 22 lovely Mexican-inspired braided styles for hair of all textures.

1. Cornrow Braids

Image of Mexican Cornrow Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: makeupbymonicasamir/Instagram

The cornrow hairstyle is a type of hair braiding created by making lines along the scalp with plaited strands. Cornrows can be used to create various intricate patterns and designs on hair of any length or texture. As a result, they are very versatile hairstyles that celebrate beautiful hair traditions from around the world. Cornrows also protect your hair while keeping stray hairs neatly tucked away so you don’t have to worry about doing much maintenance during the day.

2. Mexican Braided Style With Taper

Image of Mexican Braids With Taper in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: nevinthebarber/Instagram

Because of its versatility, tapered fades have been one of the most popular hairstyles recently. The combination of a tapered fade and braids puts a new spin on this style. This hairstyle keeps the long hair on top of the head while gradually shortening the sides and back. If you have thick hair, braids paired with a tapered fade will look fantastic. Whether you’re wearing cornrows, box braids, or twists, a fade will highlight your natural hairline and bring out your best features.

3. Braided Double Ponytail with Ribbons

Image of Mexican Ribbon Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: heartjaqui/Instagram

In parts of Michoacán, Mexico, PurĂ©pecha women often decorate their hair with ribbons for Folklorico festivities. This Mexican ribbon braids hairstyle is, therefore, perfect for those wanting to make a bold, colorful statement. You can instantly elevate your Mexican braids and add a fun touch by weaving ribbons into them. Mexican ribbon braids are sure to turn heads and express your personality, whether you’re attending a lively celebration or want to stand out from the crowd.

4. Braids For Women With Short Hair

Image of Short Mexican Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: jennyferruizh/Instagram

It is easy to manage short braids in your hair, making them ideal for Latinas who don’t want long hair in their face on hot summer days. These braids are also suitable for Mexican ladies with shorter hair who don’t want the hassle of hair extensions. Like any short style, these braids are easy to style and maintain. They can be worked into various protective hairstyles too, including cornrows, twists, and even box braids.

5. Easy Mexican Ponytail Braid

Image of Easy Mexican Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: janacantua/Instagram

Hair braiding isn’t the easiest skill to master; it can be frustrating if you’re unable to get the hang of braids, even when following step-by-step instructions. Fortunately, there are easy-to-achieve, Mexican-inspired braids that don’t require as much expertise and are quick to create. These include a simple ponytail (as shown in the picture), a braided updo, and a Mexican braided bun. While simple to make, these styles remain fashionable and are sure to make you stand out for any occasion.

6. Box Braids

Image of Box Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: everylittlestrand/Instagram

Box braids are a versatile, stylish hairstyle embraced by Hispanic and Latina communities who want to switch up their look. To create this braided style, hair is carefully parted into sections then intricately plaited from root to tip using the box braid technique for a sleek appearance. The braids can be worn up or down. Box braids allow Hispanic or Latina women to make a fashion statement that will turn heads, whether going out for the night or dressing up for an important occasion.

7. Tucked Braids

Image of Tucked Mexican Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: dietsche_mejal/Instagram

The classic tucked braid look is easy to achieve and can be worn by Mexican Latina women for both formal and casual occasions. To create this style, first braid your hair into traditional braids. The number of braids will depend on your hair’s length, texture, and personal preference. After securing the braids, gently tuck the ends under and pin them in place with hair pins. Decorate with colored ribbons, like shown in the picture, to make it a traditional mexican hairdo.

8. Connected Ponytail Braids

Image of Connected Ponytail Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: olya_pobigailo/Instagram

Connecting ponytail braids will look amazing whether you have long, short, curly, wavy, or straight hair. To achieve this look, divide your hair vertically into two sections. Braid the first section, leaving out a few loops of hair from the sides. These loops will connect the two braids. Next, braid the second section as well, this time threading some pieces of hair through the loops created in the first braid and back into the second braid. Secure both braids into ponytails at the nape of your neck and you’re ready!

9. Braided Hairstyle for Hispanic Men

Image of Hispanic Braids for Men in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: furycuts/Instagram

This slick braided style for men combine style, protection, and functionality. These braids can be done in various styles and designs. There are many options to choose from, including two, three, or four straight back rows of braids. More creative styles involve twist braids or faux hawks.

10. Braided Bun

Image of Mexican Braided Bun in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: guadiyofre.mkp/Instagram

This stylish braided bun, a chignon, features hair gracefully braided into a beautiful, charming bun. This hairstyle artfully combines a classic bun with braids and is often worn by Mexican women. To start, gather your hair into a high or low ponytail, using an elastic band to secure it in place. Next, tightly braid the ponytail all the way down. Then wrap the braid around the ponytail base to form a bun shape. Pin the bun securely against your head with hair pins, making sure it’s snug. The final look is a typical classy Mexican hairstyle.

11. Braided Updo

Mexican Braided Updo in the style of Mexican Braids

Braided updos can be created on hair of any length or texture, making them versatile enough for anyone. For those of Latino heritage seeking styling inspiration, braided updos beautifully complement darker hair textures and can bring elegance to any occasion. Start by braiding a section of hair from either side, then secure all hair into an updo. When properly maintained, braided updos go a while without needing constant restyling.

12. Crown Braid

Image of Mexican Crown Braid in the style of Mexican Braids

The Mexican crown braid is inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and is an elegant hairstyle that highlights Mexican heritage. This braided look can be customized to your taste with loose or tight braiding as well as accessories like flowers or ribbons. A crown braid features a braid wrapped around the head, resembling a regal crown. This versatile braided hairstyle works beautifully for any event, from weddings to everyday outings.

13. Two Braids

Image of Double Mexican Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: anniesblowdrys/Instagram

The two braids hairstyle involves parting your hair down the middle and creating two braids, one on each side of your head. Secure each braid at the end with colorful ribbons or elastic bands for a festive touch. This relaxed half-up/half-down look radiates carefree vibes fitting for casual festivals and outings, which tend to play a large cultural role in Mexican communities. Double braids allow Latina women to highlight their flowing tresses while showing their individuality. Feel free to customize with accessories that embrace your heritage.

14. Braids for Little Mexican Girls

Image of Mexican Braids for Little Girls in the style of Mexican Braids Styles

Young girls have an early interest in creativity and self-expression through hairstyling. For Latinas, braids provide fun style options that embrace flowing, dark tresses. Sweet braided styles like buns, pigtails, and plaits allow Hispanic girls to match their outfit for family gatherings and special occasions key in their communities. Decorating with colorful ribbons gives room for their creativity to shine. Encouraging girls of all ethnicities to creatively braid their own hair promotes confidence in their personal beauty at a young age.

15. Mexican Dutch Braids

Image of Mexican Dutch Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles

Mexican Dutch braids blend the elegance of a classic Dutch braid with the vibrant appeal of traditional Mexican elements. To achieve this eye-catching hairstyle, first part your hair vertically into two sections. Then, begin a regular Dutch braid in each section, smoothly gathering up additional hair as you braid until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure the finished braids with ribbons or decorative hair pins to prevent unraveling.

16. Braided Space Buns

Image of Mexican Braided Space Buns in the style of Mexican Braids Styles

The of-the-moment space buns hairstyle ingeniously blends classic space buns with vibrant braids for a distinctive and eye-catching look. To recreate it, first divide your hair neatly down the middle into two even sections, then sweep each section up into a high ponytail. Next, elegantly wrap each ponytail into a rounded bun shape and pin securely in place with bobby pins, using a spritz of strong-hold hairspray to keep pesky flyaways at bay.

17. Teased Ponytail Braid

Image of Teased Mexican Ponytail Braid in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: deep_kaur_makeover/Instagram

This teased ponytail braid is perfect for those who want a traditionally-inspired look with a messy braided ponytail. Begin by backcombing or “teasing” the crown of your hair to add volume and texture. Next, pull your hair up into a high, low or side ponytail and braid it, securing with an elastic band. Finish by gently tugging the braid to create a fuller, more relaxed look.

18. Side Pancake Braid

Image of Mexican Side Pancake Braid in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: blushhairandmakeupdesign/Instagram

The side pancake braid combines a traditionally-inspired braid with a messy, relaxed ponytail. To achieve this look, comb your hair over to one side. Then, braid it in a three-strand pattern from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic band. As you braid, gently pull the strands apart to create a wider, “pancaked” shape, making the braid appear bigger and more voluminous. This side pancake braid adds elegance to any look and can be worn for any occasion.

19. Braided Chignon

Image of Chingones Mexican Braid in the style of Mexican Braids

This braided chignon is ideal for elegantly showcasing long hair. This chignon combines braids and buns to create a polished updo. Start by braiding your hair into any number of plaits. Gather the braids together into a low bun at the nape of your neck, then secure with hair pins or an elastic. The result is a chic hairstyle that keeps your hair back while highlighting your beautiful braids. It’s suitable for any occasion.

20. Half-up Braids

Image of Half up Braids in the style of Mexican Braids
Image by: twinstrendyhair/Instagram

The half-up braided look is achieved by dividing your hair horizontally into two sections. The top half can be braided, while the bottom half can be left loose or made into free-falling plaits. These half-up braids pair beautifully with any outfit, from prom to bridesmaid gowns. Suitable for all hair types and textures, half-up braids are a gorgeous option no matter the occasion.

21. Criss Cross Ponytail Braids

Image of Criss Cross Ponytail Braids in the style of Mexican Braids
Image by: easytoddlerhairstyles/Instagram

Criss cross ponytail braids involve dividing your hair down the middle and gathering two small sections on both sides. Cross these sections over each other for a voluminous look. This breezy braided pony is perfect for summer, keeping hair out of your face stylishly. Fun, versatile, and easy to do, criss-cross braids suit any occasion.

22. Ribbon Loop Braids

Image of Mexican Ribbon Loop Braids in the style of Mexican Braids Styles
Image by: ymbook/Instagram

The vibrant, playful ribbon loop braids incorporate colorful ribbons into looped braids, creating a cascade of color. This hairstyle adds a festive pop of color to any outfit. To achieve this look, braid your hair in a classic pattern, adding loops as you go, and weaving in vibrant ribbons. Choose ribbons that complement your clothing or add a splash of fun. This style is ideal for parties, festivals, and any occasion when you want to stand out with artful hair. The looping braids intertwine heritage and personal expression for a look that beautifully showcases the diversity of hair traditions.


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