21 Havana Twist Hairstyles


So you’re interested in Havana twists? Girl, great choice! Havana twists are totally in right now.

Havana twists are chunky, thick twists made with smooth Havana twist hair extensions. They’re often mistaken for Marley twists since they look so similar. But Havana twists tend to be big in size and have a smoother look compared to Marley twists.

The key is using Havana twist hair, which has a kinky yet smooth texture, similar to Marley hair. You can also achieve Havana twists with braiding hair, kinky hair, or even Marley hair extensions.

Havana twists are lightweight despite their voluminous appearance. They are low maintenance and protect your natural hair for a long time – perfect for the colder months. You can style Havana twist in many ways with different colors, lengths, and techniques. There are so many possibilities.

This article is your guide to exploring and locking down your next Havana twist hairstyle. I’ll be sharing 21 beautiful Havana twist hairstyles so you can find your perfect look. Let’s get into it!

1. Basic Havana Twists

Image of Basic Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: hairbyambz/Instagram

For the purists out there, basic Havana twists stick to the essentials. Take two strands of hair and keep crossing them over each other. As for parting, the choice is all yours—box, triangle, free parts, or any style you prefer. These twists offer flexibility, letting you play with length, size, and color to get the look that’s just right for you.

2. Jumbo Havana Twists

Image of Jumbo Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: joynavon/Instagram

Havana twists are generally known for their larger size, but as the saying goes, “Go big or go home!” With Jumbo Havana twists, you can elevate your style by going even bigger, both in volume and impact. One of the perks? Crafting these oversized beauties takes less time than their smaller versions. To achieve this look, start by parting your hair into large sections. Then, take generous pieces of Havana hair to create individual twists. Just a heads-up — you’ll likely need more extensions than you would for standard Havana twists.

3. Medium Havana Twists

Image of Medium Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: stylezbykey/Instagram

We get it—not everyone’s into the big Havana twists. If you’re more of a “middle-of-the-road” kind of person, then medium Havana twists are calling your name. You’ll simply use fewer hair extensions when crafting each twist to nail this look. Medium Havana twists are a protective style that balances volume and manageability, making them an ideal choice for those who love to keep things just right.

4. Havana Marley Twists

Image of Havana Marley Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: whatliesbeneaththeweave/Instagram

Havana twists and Marley twists are two different styles, but guess what? You can mix them together. When you use Marley hair to make Havana twists, you end up with something special. The twists get puffier and pick up some extra texture. And don’t worry, you make them the same way you do your regular Havana twists, just switch out the hair for Marley extensions. It’s a slick way to level up your twist game while keeping it all familiar.

5. Short Havana Twists

Image of Short Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: naturalhairmi/Instagram

If you’re digging the Havana twist look but want to dodge that heat and heaviness, go short. Short Havana twists let you keep all the style without the extra weight. Plus, they’re easier on your wallet as you won’t need as many extensions. Don’t stress about how to style them either. Just like their longer cousins, these short Havana twists are flexible and can be styled in various ways. It’s a win-win if you’re looking for comfort, affordability, and style all rolled into one.

6. Small Havana Twists

Image of Small Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: beaumondesalon/Instagram

If you’re a fan of Havana twists but want to switch things up, consider going small. Even though Havana twists are usually on the bigger side, there’s nothing stopping you from scaling them down. That’s the beauty of protective styles like this—you’ve got the freedom to make them your own. With small Havana twists, you use the same extensions but make the twists tighter and more compact. Best part? These smaller twists come with their own set of styling options, so you’re not limited on how to wear them. It’s all about making the style work for you.

7. Crochet Havana Twists

Image of Crochet Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: dynamitehaircollection/Instagram

Crochet Havana twists bring a lot to the table—they’re stylish, versatile, and budget-friendly. One big perk is that you can reuse the crochet extensions, giving you more bang for your buck. Installation is straightforward, too. You can crochet the twists into a foundation of cornrows or individual braids. But don’t skimp on that foundation; a solid braiding pattern sets the stage for how the finished style will look. In other words, a good start leads to a great finish. So if you’re looking for a hairstyle that checks all the boxes, Crochet Havana twists might just be your new go-to.

8. Long Havana Twists

Image of Long Havana Twists in the style of Havana Twists
Image: stylesbymyley/Instagram

Long Havana twists take the classic style to new lengths—literally. These twists go beyond the average Havana twist length, giving you that extra edge. You’ll likely need to add more extensions as you twist to achieve this elongated look, so be prepared. But trust me, the extra effort pays off. These long twists open up a world of styling options, from elegant updos to flowing, free-hanging twists.

9. Goddess Havana Twists

Image of Goddess Havana Twists Havana Twists with Curly Ends
Image: astoldbychinwe/Instagram

Want to elevate your Havana twists? Add some curls. You can go with synthetic, high-fiber, or human hair extensions. Feed the curls into your twists or use a crochet pin to attach them later. The result? Havana twists fit for a goddess. It’s so simple, yet so striking.

10. Havana Twists with Curly Ends

Image of Havana Twists with Curly Ends
Image: _beautybycee/Instagram

Looking to switch up your Havana twists? Try adding curls just to the ends. Cold wave rod rollers are your go-to here. They’re plastic, which helps your twists hold less water—ideal for a lasting curl. Want tighter curls? Use smaller rods. Once you’ve wrapped and secured your twists around the rods, dip them in hot water, let them dry, and then unravel those beautiful curls. This hack gives your twists a fun, playful finish.

11. Havana Twists Bob

Image of Havana Twists Bob in the style of Havana twists
Image: latoya_the_natural/Instagram

Havana twist bobs are characterized by shorter twists that frame the face beautifully. They’re a lightweight, protective hairstyle requiring fewer extensions and can last for a solid two to three weeks. This style is also an excellent choice for hot weather seasons. Plus, you can easily elevate the Havana twist bob with some hair accessories and style it in a variety of gorgeous ways.

12. Ombre Havana Twists

Image of Ombre Havana Twists in the style of Havana twists
Image: stylesbymyley/Instagram

Getting ombre Havana twists adds an exciting, colorful twist to your look. While ombre extensions may not always be easy to find, you can still create this effect yourself. Start your twist with one color of Havana twist extension and then feed in another color where the first one ends to achieve the ombre effect. Feel free to experiment with two or more colors to make the style truly your own.

13. Havana Twists with Braiding Hair

Image of Havana Twists with Braiding Hair in the style of Havana Twists
Image: iamtaylontaylor/Instagram

If the silky texture of braiding hair extensions calls your name, know that you can use them for your Havana twists too. The process stays the same, but you get more color options compared to traditional Havana twist extensions. So if you’re aiming for twists in a unique shade, braiding hair gives you more options. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to dip the ends in hot water to seal them—something you don’t have to do with standard Havana twist hair.

14. Blonde Havana Twists

Image of Blonde Havana Twists in the style of Havana twists
Image: iamtaylontaylor/Instagram

There’s a saying that blondes have more fun, and wearing blonde Havana twists will definitely prove that. These twists can be of any size or length, but they’re all made with blonde-colored extensions. Braiding hair can also be used to achieve blonde Havana twists, making it easier to find and blend more blonde shades. If your natural hair isn’t blonde, no worries—you can either tuck the natural hair with gel or use crochet extensions to seamlessly blend with the blonde twists.

15. Havana Passion Twists

Image of Havana Passion Twists in the style of Havana twists
Image: transformedbymo/Instagram

Mix Havana extensions with passion twist hair for a laid-back, boho vibe. This combo gives your Havana twists a curly, messy look that’s both relaxed and stylish. It’s a cool way to add some texture and flair to your regular Havana twist routine. So if you’re into that carefree, bohemian style, Havana Passion Twists are definitely worth a try.

16. Colored Havana Twists

Image of Colored Havana Twists in the style of Havana twists
Image: ga_geniune.art/Instagram

Want to turn heads? Add a splash of color to your Havana twists. Whether you stick with Havana twist extensions or opt for colored braiding hair, you’ve got a rainbow of options. Feeling adventurous? Mix two or more colors together. Colored Havana twists offer a vibrant way to express yourself while keeping that signature twist style.

17. Havana Twists Without Extensions

Image of Havana Twists Without Extensions in the style of Havana twists
Image: creeative91/Instagram

Havana twists without extensions are all about using your natural hair to create those big, puffy twists. The key is to twist your own hair loosely and without a lot of pressure. This style tends to look best on thicker natural hair, as it naturally gives that puffy Havana twist look. If you have permed hair or other textures, achieving that voluminous look might be challenging without extensions.

18. Havana Kinky Twists

Image of Havana Kinky Twists in the style of Havana twists
Image: ange_liah/Instagram

Kinky hair extensions come in a lovely texture that works well to make Havana twists. Your Havana twists will look natural yet curly, and you’ll still be able to get the puffy look. These Havana kinky twists are also lightweight and can be styled in various ways, like half up half down, and updos.

19. Burgundy Havana Twists

Image of Burgundy Havana Twists in the style of Havana twists
Image: dynamitehaircollection/Instagram

One hair color that always slays is burgundy, which makes Havana twists a perfect choice for this stunning color. You can purchase burgundy crochet Havana twists to get the most out of this color. This will ensure that your actual hair color can be effectively hidden so that all the attention stays on the burgundy color.

20. Havana Twists in a Bun

Image of Havana Twists in a Bun in the style of Havana twists
Image: dynamitehaircollection/Instagram

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by your Havana twists? Tuck them into a neat bun. Not only does this give your twists a different vibe, but it’s also an excellent way to keep your hair out of your face and put your features on full display. Just make sure to secure that bun with a reliable hair tie to keep things in place. It’s a simple yet transformative way to slay your Havana twists.

21. Havana Twists with Cornrows on the Side

Image of Havana Twists with Cornrows on the Side in the style of Havana twists
Image: dynamitehaircollection/Instagram

Typically, Havana twists cover your whole head, but you can switch it up by adding cornrows on one side. This creates a cool side-part effect that lets one side of your face really shine. Start those side cornrows with your natural hair, and as you reach the end of the braid, feed in the Havana twist extensions. It’s a unique combo that adds some flair while showing off more of you.


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